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We have handled the sale of numerous TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, OKLAHOMA, and COLORADO: ranches
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Swisher County, Texas

Happy, Texas Organic farm
CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARM! The farm has organic certifications dating back to 2014 and according to the owner has good potential to be irrigated. The High Plains Underground Water Conservation District has observation well located on the property which shows 76.86 feet of saturated thickness. The farm has eight irrigation wells of unknown condition located on the property. The owner believes that the wells are all drilled to red bed which he reports to be from 195' to 245' (the observation well is reported as 195'). Three phase electricity is located along the north and west boundaries of the farm with most of the wells having electric lines to the well sites though service is not in place. One well located in the approximate center of the property is equipped with 1 Ω HP domestic pump. This is a rare find with organic certification already in place and excellent access with a mile of FM 1881 frontage.


Chaves, Lincoln & Guadalupe Counties, New Mexico

Arroyo Largo Ranch, Corona, New Mexico

Arroyo Largo Ranch is an excellent, ample watered working cattle ranch located in shadows of the Capitan Mountains north of Roswell, New Mexico approximately 60 miles. This ranch is well improved and covered with good grass and very few invaders. The BLM rates the ranch at 447 AU. Improvements on the ranch include two homes at the headquarters. The main house is a nice modular home with three bedrooms, two and a half baths and a sunroom. Large trees and a fenced yard surround this house. A second house is a mobile home set on a foundation with a permanent roof and porch added. Additionally at the headquarters are an overhead three compartment feed bin, a metal shop with concrete floor, a boxcar and a metal frame hay shed.

Corrals and pens are constructed of pipe and include a hydraulic squeeze chute and a loading chute. Fences are adequate to good with the older fences being net-wire with 2 or 3 strand barbed wire and the newer fences are 4 and 5 strand barbed wire with steel posts. Maintained roads with cattle guards provide access to much of the ranch with two track roads providing the remaining access to drinkers, tanks and pastures.


Huerfano County, Colorado

Abercrombie Ranch
Southern Colorado
Located on the north side of Hwy. 10 just east of Walsenburg, Colorado and adjacent to the Maria Reservoir in the open, rolling prairie and arroyos of the Colorado Front Range just at the eastern edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Mesas and scattered hills, wide open, Grama grass prairieland, the flowing Cucharas River and broken country which yields not only hunting and aesthetic value but also winter protection for a year-round cattle operation are the significant features of this exceptional property. It is rare to find a hunting/ recreational/working cattle ranch of this size with such good access and multiple uses.

Country: Argentina
Province: Salta
Departments: Oran and Ridavia
Acres: Farm #25789: 57,946 acres +/-
Farm #27590: 48,355 acres +/-
Farm #1753: 60,000 acres +/-
Farm #1754: 10,000 acres +/-


These properties are located in the north of Argentina in the state of Salta. The following information is reported by the owner: Rainfall is in a range of 24” to 28” annually with the months of November through March being the rainy season. Water is as shallow as 10 feet from the surface with irrigation being a good possibility as there is already some development in the area.

The soil is sandy loam and has very deep topsoil. The accompanying photographs of the cultivated land are representative of the two properties. The owner states that he has achieved dryland yields of 100 plus bushels of corn and 50 plus bushels of beans. Additionally, the stated stocking rate is one animal unit per 4 acres under good management.

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