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  State: New Mexico

  Region: South Central Mountains

  County: Lincoln and Socorro

  Property Type: Cattle Ranch/Hunting

  Acres: 13,322 Deeded Acres +/-
                2,320 State Lease Acres +/-
                8,457 BLM Acres +/-
  Location: NW of Carrizozo, NM
LOCATION: The eastern boundary of the property is the lava flow from the Little Black Peak Volcano. The volcano is about 7 miles NW of Carrizozo, and the eruption was about 1000 years ago. The lava flow extends 44 miles and it averages 3 miles in width.

The South boundary is US Highway 380 for 7.8 miles heading west from the lava flow. There is a county maintained caliche road off of 380 that goes through the center of the ranch to the North boundary. Entrance is only 10 miles out of Carrizozo the county seat.

Gas stations, stores, restaurants, bank, art galleries and a grocery market in town. Also a major housing development has sold out of 600 3-5 acre lots with will be developed over the next 5 to 10 years. About 20 homes have been uilt so far and more are being permitted. Carrizozo hosts its own police department as well a the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department.

The ranch is located primarily in Lincoln County with the western 5-6 sections in Socorro County.

ACREAGE: 13,322 deeded (+/-)
8,457 BLM (+/-)
2,320 State (+/-)

TOPOGRAPHY: The ranch is characterized by gently rolling uplands to some buttes and hills. Elevation would range between 5400 and 6000 feet.

VEGETATION: Dominant vegetation includes blue grama and Tobosa grasses. Browse includes chamisa, winterfat and mountain mahogany. Juniper is scattered throughout the ranch providing winter protection and wildlife cover.

The views are expansive 360 degrees that give 30 to 70 mile vistas with mountains on most sides. All the Ruidoso Mountain range, Sierra Blanca at 12,000 ft., Nogal at 10,000, Capitans at 9,500 ft. Carrizo Peak at 9,000 and Vera Cruz at 8000 plus other mountains north east west and south.

CLIMATE: Average rainfall would be about 10-12 inches. Winter snows are seldom heavy and last 2-3 days.

BUILDINGS/STRUCTURES: Headquarters house–3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, fenced yard 1950’s. Metal fabricated work shop–built 1998 has two big stalls plus bathroom, office, bedroom. Can fit trucks and trailers. Smaller wooden stock shed attached to corrals has work room, feed room and tack room. Covered garage structure–40x40–for trucks and machinery. System of corrals, chutes etc at headquarters.

Two pivot sprinklers (have not been worked on). Plus big diesel engine on well in NE part of ranch. Called the 200 acre Farm. Diesel engine works. Can pump at 600 gpm rate to fill adjoining dirt tank. 1994 Palm Harbor trailer home not used much at all is also located near the headquarters buildings.

UTILITIES: electricity runs the length of the ranch from the HQ all the way to the diesel engine at the far northeast corner of the ranch.

PASTURES: 14 different pastures – good solid grazing grass and watering system. 26 drinkers

WILDLIFE: Ranch supports on antelope herd year round. Other wildlife include deer, mountain lion, coyote, fox, rabbit, quail, occasional elk and Oryx from the White Sands area. Ranch gets 5 antelope permits per year.

CARRYING CAPACITY: 368 to 400 cyl

STATE LAND LEASE: $2,551.00 IN 2015

WELLS AND WATER: Irrigation well 600 acre feet per annum T-01856 historic 1952 Priority Water rights status. Sprinkler systems in need of repair. Numerous earthen dams intact and in place. 8 storage tanks.

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