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Ranch and Farm

  Country: Argentina

  Province: Salta


  Departments: Oran and Ridavia


  Property Type: Ranch & Dryland Farm

                           with Irrigation Potential


  Acres: Farm #25789: 57,946 acres +/-

              Farm #27590: 48,355 acres +/-
              Farm #1753: 60,000 acres +/-
              Farm #1754: 10,000 acres +/-



These properties are located in the north of Argentina in the state of Salta. The following information is reported by the owner: Rainfall is in a range of 24” to 28” annually with the months of November through March being the rainy season. Water is as shallow as 10 feet from the surface with irrigation being a good possibility as there is already some development in the area. The soil is sandy loam and has very deep topsoil. The accompanying photographs of the cultivated land are representative of the two properties. The owner states that he has achieved dryland yields of 100 plus bushels of corn and 50 plus bushels of beans. Additionally, the stated stocking rate is one animal unit per 4 acres under good management.

70,000 acres, known as the Palo Santo Farm, is located in the Department (County) of Rivadavia. Palo Santo consists of 60,000 acres which is not developed but has a permit application in the process. 10,000 permitted acres borders the 60,000 acres on the south and has been cleared and planted to improved sub-tropical grasses.

The Pizzaro Farm consists of 106,301 acres in the Department of Oran. The Seller has completed the permitting process and the job of clearing the raw land is in various stages of progress. Clearing the forested land consists of chaining the land with Caterpillars, root plowing, windrowing and burning the windrows. Photos of the process are included in this information.

Argentina has recently voted in a new president which has resulted in a much more favorable business climate. Tariffs have been reduced and change in monetary policy makes the country a more attractive investment opportunity. According to multiple news sources many large agricultural concerns are considering investing in Argentina or have already consummated investments in the South American country.

This is an excellent opportunity for cattle, crops or a combination of both in the productive agriculture area of Northern Argentina.

General Area of the 4.000 hectare cow farm and 24.000 hectare forest land marked in Red. Developed land on the south end, forest land to the north permits for development applied for. Paved road (Ruta 54) from Tartagal to Santa Victoria passes approximately 40 kilometers from the north boundary. Optional access is by dirt road 100 km from Gral Mosconi.




Cow Farm showing the 4.000 hectares of developed land to the south and the 24.000 hectares of forest land to the north. The southwest corner is a 5,000 acre reserve for permit purposes and is not included in the sale.

Bred cows in Winter. A brahma cross is necessary for the heat and bugs.


Bred and calving cows in Spring.


Water Well, 75 gallons per minute, 5.5 hp electric sub powered by 16 kw diesel generator. Pumping from around 120 feet.



Concrete Water Storage and Drinker



  Winter Grass-Summer Grass-Gatton Panic
  Development plan showing the entire 106,321 acres. Approved permit map showing the farm fields. Forest reserve land shown in tan. Individual field acreage shown in hectares, 1 ha= 2.5 acres.
  Sat map showing the first 10,000 acre subdivision and general area. Note the advancing development and paved road 10 miles to the west by caliche road. All of the forest removal and soil preparation shown in the following pictures (dozer work, deep chisel, heavy disc, and all hand labor, etc)
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