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Arroyo Largo Ranch, Corona, New Mexico

State: New Mexico
Region: East Central New Mexico
County: Chaves/Lincoln/Guadalupe

Property Type:
All Native Grass Cattle Ranch

Acres: 15,213 +/- Deeded Acres
7,234 +/- BLM Lease
403 +/- Uncontrolled
22,850 +/- Total Acres

Location: 60 miles north of Roswell or 46 miles south of Vaughn

The Arroyo Largo Ranch is an excellent, well-watered working cattle ranch located in shadows of the Capitan Mountains. This ranch is well improved and covered with a good turf of grass with very few invaders. The BLM rates the ranch at 447 AU.

The turn-off to the ranch is approximately 37 miles east of Corona on State Hwy. 42/247 or approximately 7.8 miles west from U.S. Hwy. 285 to the turn-off thence approximately 1.25 miles south to the north line of the ranch thence approximately 3.5 miles further in to the ranch to the headquarters.The turn-off to the ranch is approximately 37 miles east of Corona on State Hwy. 42/247 or approximately 7.8 miles west from U.S. Hwy. 285 to the turn-off thence approximately 1.25 miles south to the north line of the ranch thence approximately 3.5 miles further in to the ranch to the headquarters. The ranch can also be accessed from U.S. Hwy. 285 on CR 66 (Soto Rd.) west for approximately 4.5 miles to the southeast corner of the ranch.

Improvements on the ranch include two homes at the headquarters. The main house is a nice modular home with three bedrooms, two and a half baths and a sunroom. Large trees and a fenced yard surround this house. A second house is a mobile home set on a foundation with a permanent roof and porch added. Additionally at the headquarters are an overhead, three compartment feed bin, a metal shop with concrete floor, a boxcar for storage and a metal frame pole barn for hay storage. The working pens are constructed of pipe and include a hydraulic squeeze chute and a loading/unloading chute. Fences are adequate to good with the older fences being woven-wire (sheep proof) with 2 or 3 strands of barbed wire above the woven-wire with the newer fences being 4 or 5 strands of barbed wire with steel posts. Maintained roads with cattle guards provide access to much of the ranch with two track roads providing the remaining access to drinkers, tanks and pastures.

Water resources on the ranch are highlighted by a 25 GPM well located at the headquarters. This well is equipped with a 5 HP submersible electric motor and pump which supplies water to the headquarters as well as throughout the ranch. The well at the headquarters together with two additional wells are tied into an extensive pipeline system that consists of approximately 30 miles composed of PVC and poly pipe virtually transversing the entire ranch, 8 storage tanks and over 20 drinkers. The two wells are known as the ìTommy Joe Wellî which has utility electricity and is equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump and the Old Barn Well that is equipped with a solar-powered submersible electric motor and pump with a generator backup. The ranch has numerous dirt tanks that also provide water when precipitation runoff is sufficient.

The 15 Mile Arroyo is the central feature of the terrain on the ranch with gentle, rolling hills being the major landform of the ranch. The rolling grass hills are dissected not only by the 15 Mile Arroyo but also by Buck Draw and Automobile Draw which run toward the southeast through the ranch merging into 15 Mile Arroyo in the southeast portion of the ranch. Grasses throughout the ranch include Black Grama, Blue Grama, Side-oats Grama, Big Sacaton, Tobosa, Sand Dropseed, etc.

Forbs include Chamisa, Winterfat, Apache Plume and Mormon Tea. Range plants on the ranch are almost entirely beneficial with invader species of Mesquite, Cactus, Juniper or others being almost non-existent which is a highly desirable feature for any ranch.

Annual precipitation for the Corona, New Mexico area is approximately 18 inches with snowfall averaging 29'' per year. Roswell and Vaughn each average approximately 13'' annual precipitation which should put the ranch between these numbers. Frost free days would average 180 days or more. Elevations on the ranch range from 5,385 feet in the northwest area of the ranch to 4,671 feet in the southeastern portion of the ranch along the 15 Mile Arroyo.

Hunting on the ranch would include mule deer, antelope and quail as well as varmints such as coyote, bobcats, fox and others.

The Arroyo Largo Ranch is an excellent cowmanís ranch ready to operate!

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